Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) Testing

This may be required for waste destined to landfill. Jomas can provide personnel to collect samples for WAC testing, or test samples provided by the contractor on site.

JOMAS is able to provide a Qualified Person as defined within the CoP.


Waste Management Development & Site Waste Management Plan:

A strategy is produced to demonstrate that the waste storage and collection for the development scheme are in line with the Waste Plan, Local Authority’s guidance as well as BS5906:2005 for Waste Management in Buildings.


The Report covers the storage area required related to the number of dwellings non- domestic area uses and frequency of collection as well as accessibility.


A Technical Guidance Note is also provided to outline the minimum requirements which will need to be met throughout the detailed design of the scheme.


Waste CoP Qualified Person:

CL:AIRE’s Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice (CoP) has been designed to allow the user to demonstrate that wastes have been fully recovered and hence cease to be waste. This requires a significant degree of self regulation and relies upon the professional integrity of those involved.

The CoP introduces the principle of a Qualified Person to sign off a Declaration to demonstrate that the appropriate “lines of evidence” have been put in place. 
The CoP serves the following purposes:    

Provides best practice for the development industry to use when assessing: 

  • If materials are classified as waste or not 

  • Determining when treated waste can cease to be waste for a particular use

Provides an auditable system to demonstrate that this CoP has been adhered to on a site by site basis.