Welcoming Levant Dogan to the Jomas Team

Levent is a chartered member of Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CEng MCIHT) as well as an Associate Member of ICE (AMICE).

Levent is a Civil Engineer who has specialised in Geotechnical Engineering and has over 16 years of experience in both design and construction.

Levent has been involved in a variety of major civil engineering projects including highways, high-speed rail, high-rise building foundations, desalination installation, greenhouse project management, solar parks and water schemes (including dams). He has a particular interest in the design of embedded structures by finite element analysis method, namely Plaxis 2D, Repute 02, Wallap analysis and its applications.

Levent joins as Principal Geotechnical Engineer.

What will your new role at Jomas encompass?

Principal Geotechnical Engineer – As a principal, I review reports, oversee the projects to meet our clients’ requirements. I support our colleagues and clients.

How has your experience been so far working at Jomas?

Jomas is a full house with extremely hard working and productive engineers.

What sparked your interest in becoming an Engineer?

I love to bake with my daughter at the weekend but I also love to solve problems, my loyal clients describe me as a problem solver.

Being an engineer, I am aware that I do not have one single duty. Aside from considering/protecting the environment, community and designated assets (e.g. aquifer, ancient woodland, rivers and waters) to maintain sustainability, I also have other crucial responsibilities. For instance, to minimise the waste, I encourage our clients to reuse site derived soils; to mitigate site related hazards, we consider utilities amongst other factors, prior to attending to a site; to meet the required design life of each scheme I take into account the climate changes’ impact within my design and assessments.

All of my design work includes several sensitivity analyses to deliver a robust solution. Most of our clients are under extreme pressure due to limited costs or tight timeline but, we offer a cost-effective and robust solution at all times.

What do you enjoy most about being an engineer?

Jomas’ is extremely busy with many active projects, and we are hiring to grow our business as well as to continue to meet our deadlines. This busy workload and variation on each scheme enable us to develop a holistic solution to resolve any form of challenging geotechnical/geo-environmental constraints that our loyal clients face at the preconstruction stage. My favourite part is to maintain a balance between statutory authorities (the LA/EA) and our clients for a happy sustainable ending.

We really enjoy helping our clients to obtain their planning permission from the local authorities with our sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. In order to achieve this, we really care and consider the environment and local community within the surrounding area.